by Africanyon 22 Aug 19

Combine the fun and awe of an outdoor adventure followed by rest and relaxation – the treat you know you deserve!

Looking for a way to mark your holiday time differently? A good way to start is to Make the Space to make the memories – this is a memorable must. 

Start your day with a Kloofing experience. These award-winning adventurers at Africanyon will take you through a thoroughly unique landscape. This is how your digital-detox begins!

Moving through the pristine gorges of the Crags you will feel your very senses re-calibrate. Swim in the fresh mountain waters, abseil in and around waterfalls and marvel at the changing light and natural beauty offered by this hidden gem. You have entered a world you never thought existed here. 

couples massage and canyoning

Afterwards make your way down the country road to the nearby Forest Nature Spa: A sublime Balinese African inspired space where time itself rests. 

Toast your achievements and reflect on the fun while enjoying a private 2-course light al-fresco lunch and MCC bubbles. Follow-up with a well-deserved 1hour couples massage, ending your day revelling in your time-out, relaxing and reflecting. Rest your mind body and soul with mountain views surrounded by the beauty of nature. 

If you so choose – you are able to book for a night to prolong your escape!

The Forest Nature Spa Master Suite or the Forest Nature Spa Garden Room. The perfect couples get-away.

Taylor made options are offered to suit your story. If you are interested in planning your escape, this owner run establishment is sure to restore and inspire – contact Louise to discuss the options: (+27) (0) 836757161 or

Indulge your senses and believe you deserve it – this presents a wonderful opportunity to nurture a renewed sense of self, perspective and appreciation. 

This could be just the right mix of adventure and relaxation to face the days ahead. 

What an experience!


Some find the term “Extreme” enticing & attractive, others not so much. It is a very subjective notion when it comes to adventure and the various levels of adrenaline they may or may not induce! There is no universal rating! 


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