by Africanyon 15 Oct 19

Some find the term “Extreme” enticing & attractive, others not so much. It is a very subjective notion when it comes to adventure and the various levels of adrenaline they may or may not induce! There is no universal rating! 

I guess we could distill it by posing a few simple questions: What is it that challenges your self concept of what you can take on? What is it that demands your bravery and your courage? Whatever the answers are for you personally, Plettenberg Bay certainly has a myriad of adventure activities from which to choose.

We know that physically engaging activity options, sometimes referred to as “out-there” or “extreme”, push personal boundaries. The benefits you ask? An overwhelming sense of accomplishment. Perhaps a – a bucket list check off! Perhaps it sparks a new passion, appreciation, clarification or even motivation, and a confidence to achieve more. 

Adrenaline based adventures can simply be pure family fun in the great outdoors. A digital detox! Cliché’s aside, it is at very least an opportunity to really engage in and engage with the environment actively. The end result, positive endorphins and a big memorable experiential kick-back. “Wow! Best thing I have ever done”, Memory making stuff!” we hear around dinner tables, see pictures on Instagram read on Facebook, Trip Advisor and Twitter as these awesome experiences are shared.

The Plettenberg Bay adventure activity operators open up environments that would simply be inaccessible to most – they enable the complete novice to discover more and experience aspects of the Garden Route unique to Plettenberg Bay. National and Provincial Lilizela  award winners are local and best part of all Plett adventures are all within easy reach.

The choices? Sky. Earth. Sea. There are a variety to explore which cannot but surpass expectations.  Breath it, feel it, do it! Whatever it is that makes your heart pump a little faster. Plett & surrounds are certainly home to the adventure zone.

Some may call it extreme, but in essence making the seemingly impossible, possible & great fun for all! Well, many!



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