by Africanyon 15 Apr 19

Best Places to Stay & Best Adventure Activities? In South Africa there are so many incredible, inspiring and fulfilling choices – Earth Sky Sea – it’s all here! 

As for the Best outdoor activity in South Africa as voted by visitors – look no further! You found it! AfriCanyon offers a unique trip through a dynamic canyon. Jump, Play, Abseil, Zip-line. An All in one. They say, the “perfect combination of an outdoor adventure and fun”. 

This is NOT a Kilimanjaro hike! It is, by comparison, a “micro adventure”, manageable for most and it is a fantastic way to un-plug yourself (briefly), get out into nature, make memories and experience a truly unique environment on the beautiful Garden Route.

AfriCanyon’s canyoning or “kloofing” adventure includes abseiling, optional jumps and, on the standard trip, their unique rock-pool zip-line, with heaps of fun in between. Explore this hidden gem. Play in and around waterfalls as you make your way down a river course at your own pace and wonder at the ancient ferns and natural beauty that surrounds you.

Admit, we all like options and this activity is pretty versatile. Ramp it up for the more adventurous or take the easier route for those on more of a gentler nature-aesthetic quest. It is great fun for travelers looking for something a little more “real”. 

Locally referred to as “Kloofing” – this is an active adventure known elsewhere as “Gorge Walking” “Canyoning” or even “Canyoneering”. It’s about abseiling, wading, walking, optional jumps, floating and a bit of swimming. AfriCanyon makes it possible and fun for all. Each person is equipped with a personal flotation device to make it easy. AfriCanyon’s professionally trained guides are on hand all the way. The trips are suitable for absolute first timers, novices as well as those with a bit more experience – with AfriCanyon you can! Yes, you really can!

Upon arrival at the AfriCanyon base-camp each person is outfitted; wetsuits, helmets harnesses and all of the equipment you require. After gearing up there’s a briefing and quick transfer to the river entry point in their vehicle and within minutes you are set-up for your first abseil. Let the fun begin!

Located nearby many other attractions, restaurants, vineyards, beaches, a host of accommodation options in the coastal town of Plettenbergbay, on the Garden Route, South Africa.

Families, groups, couples or global roamers, the AfriCanyon team look forward to sharing this unique part of the world – an adventure like no other!


Some find the term “Extreme” enticing & attractive, others not so much. It is a very subjective notion when it comes to adventure and the various levels of adrenaline they may or may not induce! There is no universal rating! 


Combine the fun and awe of an outdoor adventure followed by rest and relaxation - the treat you know you deserve! Looking for a way to mark your holiday time differently? A good way to start is to Make the Space to make the memories…